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Authentication of Physical and Digital Evidence
Redefined with Immutable Blockchain Technology

CustodyTrack.io is an evidence tracking solution that has been accepted by the courts, used by law enforcement, and leveraged by companies across multiple industries and sectors throughout the supply chain.

Trusted Across Many Industries & Sectors

Why Us?

Improve transparency and accountability, enhance data security and efficiency, ensure evidence is considered in court.
All without having to develop your own blockchain ecosystem or invest in expensive in-house computing resources.


Create Authenticated Chain of Custody Forms to record any transaction of physical and digital evidence. We provide a variety of forms to work from based on feedback from our customers.


Transfer custody of physical and digital evidence to anyone in a verifiable 3-step process that ensures both parties acknowledge the transfer, and with proof of the transaction stored in cryptographically secured, immutable storage.


Any third party can verify your transaction using our platform without having to share with us the information being authenticated. Our system stores only the hash values needed for authentication.