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Use Cases

Law Enforcement

Maintain Accountability of Evidence
You can be certain who has custody of evidence at all times, and that your documentation is always authentic.
Organized Documentation
Maintain documentation for evidence with certainty that your compliance requirements are being met.
Efficient Evidence Processing
Employ consistent and easy-to-use chain of custody forms.
Prove Authenticity
Hash verifications of all chain of custody documentation prove the authenticity and integrity of information.


Ensured Authenticity
Chain of custody forms created  are verifiable and can be transferred as evidence changes hands.
Cryptographic proof that a chain of custody form has not been tampered with.
Avoid Gaps
Ensures that no information or communication is lost.

Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)

Software Sourcing
Validate software library authenticity.
Virus and vulnerability scanning of authenticated software.
Integrate with existing workflows via APIs.

Supply Chain

Helps discourage theft and improper handling and encourages compliance with proper procedures.
Pinpointing Problems
Useful for identifying and diagnosing the root cause of problems that effect customers.
Highly Targeted Recalls
Minimize the frustration of customers and execute recalls more efficiently.

Drug Testing

Modernize your Custody and Control form process with an electronic Custody and Control Form (eCCF) system.
Reduce Risk
Improve efficiency and remove risk of paper-based errors by switching to our web-based solution.

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